Thursday, February 19, 2009

Twilight and the adults

So im sitting at panera bread with one of my best friends and a new friend. So we are all talking about Twilight. I have never seen two grown women so enthralled with a book for teenagers. They think Edward is sexy and romantic. Now for me nothing to white bread. I thought the movie was fun to watch. The books are boring. I think Kresley Cole's immortal series is much better read. It is very funny listening to them talk about the movie and the books. So tell me what do you think about Twlight. Leave a comment. I think jacob was hot.

Peace and Blessings

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Me, Raven And G. My rommate

visiting 006
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My roommate has been wanting to visit Raven. We went up on a Sunday and had more fun then should be allowed in a prison visiting room. I don't think the three of us have laughed so hard in quite a while. I think it's cute the way Raven caters to both of us. Fixing any food we get, opening our drinks. So Cute.

Love that man and very fond of my roommate the best one ever.

Peace and Blessings

More good news!

So in today's economy with people being laid offed right and left; even at my work, I got good news. I was given a substantial bonus and a pretty nice raise. Taking on more responsibility every day and really enjoying my job. I have been voted to be co chairman of a very prestigious American Indian group. I am looking forward to working closely with the Chairman. I have much respect for him and the good works he does. My roommate's job has been extended at least three more months. That means I can continue to pay off bills and sock some away for a rainy day. That is a big change from past years when I had to decide to feed the dog and cat leaving me with just mac and cheese. (can I tell you I am starting to hate mac and cheese). I have been taking stock lately and realize I am so much better off now. I have a group of die hard friends that would help in any emergency (both old friends and some new friends). My brother and sister in law are always here for me. Love them both. I'm healthy and getting healthier everyday.
Thanking the Great spirit every day, sending prayers up for all my family and friends. Even some who would be surprised by that.

Praying this is the start to a wonderful year for eveyone who reads my blog.

Peace and Blessings

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

An Update on My Life

2009 Came in a month ago and I haven't blogged at all. So in January I started working out at Urban Active. I'm doing well down about 20 pounds. I'm going back to school for a degree in Health care management. Courtesy of my employer. Lupina and Cochise are both fine. Raven and I are doing fantastic. It's almost like last year was a nightmare and never happened. All the issues we ran into last year seem to have faded away. We are enjoying having three visits a month. Working our plan for October parole board meeting. Gathering job opportunities and letters of support. Life is Good.

Now for regrets, my biggest regret is not keeping in touch with my step children from my first marriage. P and R are awesome people and I miss having them in my life. Even if just occasional contact. Watching them grow up was so much fun. R was the sensitive one, always quite and caring. P was the funny boisterous one. Never forget being chased around the house with Bob the Builder (fucking Chucky doll with a hammer). We all laughed so hard. We had some wonderful times. It's my fault I lost touch. Things got hard and I moved to Columbus. Their father and I were fighting. Trying to start a new life away from everything I knew. Just didn't make the effort. Now I'm sorry for that. I wish them all the best in the world and if they would like to contact me they can leave a comment or send an email. PS kiss S, J and J for me. I miss them too.

Love and peace to all Happy 2009!!