Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Been Awhile, update

On March 1, 2007 the parole panel saw Raven at NCCI. Talk about timing. I had met with the lady only the day before to plead our case for allowing him to come home. I thought it went very well. Mrs. Madox was very impressed with the parole package our family and friends had helped me put together. Unlike the last time in 2005 when the lady hardly looked at it, Mrs. Madox and I went through most of the pages. She explained that when they saw Raven the panel could give him two votes, he would need 5 to be paroled. 5 out of 9. When I was leaving she said, looks like we will be seeing your husband tomorrow. I was stunned. We expected the third week in March.

When they met with Raven on the next day; The gentleman that was in charge was very nice and told Raven that he was proud of him. He said if it was up to them, they would send his file to Columbus right then. Unfortunately they had to send him for a D2 test. For us non prison related people that is a mental evaluation. So they continued him for 60 days. In the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation they do everything in 60 day increments. Which put the next time he was up, Today.
The D2 went fine and the lady said she would recommend his release.

Fast forward to May 1, 2007,.

To day's panel wasn't as nice as the first one. Mrs. Madox was there and she was fine. The other guy was trying to get Raven to be angry. He made snide remarks about his crime and his "ex-c/o wife" I am so proud of my husband. He kept his cool and simply answered the questions. Stating that "my ex-c/o wife loves me and believes in me more then anyone else. Between her and I, you will never see me again." Apparently they believed him because he got both of their votes. 3 down 2 to go. Off to Columbus were it can take up to 4 months to address the file and get the other 2 votes. When they vote yes they will give him 60 days and out. Long story to a short answer Raven should be home in time for Thanksgiving talk about poetic.