Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Black Friday Buys

So I was at Best Buy at 4 am on black Friday. Never happened before in my life. The line was long and at 4 am sharp I was walking up to the door. When a friend looked at me from his number one position in the line and Said "Honey were up here"
The dilemma was do I go to the front. Lets see it was 4 am and cold, heck yea I went.
I was there for two things only. A Gps so I would never have to call my friend Lisa or my sister in law Laurel and get directions after getting lost. I have also been wanting a digital picture frame for over a year. So I did manage to score the coolest gps. Garmin nuvi 255. It tells me exactly were to go. With turn by turn as well as street names. I will never get lost again. My friends and family are thankful no more panicked calls.

Now for my digital frame. I am clueless, sitting on my bed totally not being able to figure out how to get my pictures on this thing. Reading the book, no help.
Well at least I love my gps.