Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The fairy tale is twisted.

So far in 2008 We have lost three family members. All died within two weeks. These are people who my husband looked forward to being home with. Who he should have had a chance to talk with and say goodbye. Now they are just part of a collections of obits in his foot locker. We thought 2007 was the worse year of our life, 2008 is trying hard to beat it.

My husband is having a very hard time coming to terms that he is still in the prison after being told he was coming home. Things that never bothered him in the past are now stressing him out badly. The prison life that is part of the punishment.

He is trying to push me away. Let me live a "normal" life. There is a gentleman, a Dr. who keeps asking me out. He has been pursuing me for about two months now. Raven is attempting to get me to go out with him. He doesn't want me to have to wait. He feels like he can't control anything. He thinks I am going to leave, so if he forces me to leave, then it was in his control.

I understand what my husband is going through, at least to a point. I have made a decsion I am so in love with my husband, I will wait. If I have to wait for two more years till I get my husband back then that's what I will do. I know my husband, I love my husband and can't wait till he comes back. He is working through his issues. I am working through mine. Together we will win over the parole board and their unfair rules. The fairy tail is twisted but eventually there will be a happy ending.