Friday, July 20, 2007

Governor Strickland

Dear Governor Strickland:

My husband is currently incarcerated at NCCI in Marion Ohio. I realize that most do not care about an inmate. I am hoping you are different. My husband saw the board and was granted parole. The parole officer approved both our living arrangements and my husbands job. Yes he does have firm job offers. My husband has taken every class that was required of him and extra classes he felt would benefit him in the outside world.

The ODRC gave him a POA of 8/8/07. We finally had hope. His case manager told him that he was getting out 8/8/07 and would have his release papers within the week. He finally started believing that he was coming home.

Then on July 16, 2007 the parole board issued a stop parole letter. I still can't find out exactly why the letter was issued. My husband is a year over his max guidelines. Even the new ones that just came out. I am writing to let you know how cruel it is to give these guys a date they are going home and then to take it away. How hard it is and how much it ruins lives. Shouldn't all the issues be taken care of before the date given to the inmate and their families?

I realize, I will probably not get a true answer to this letter. I felt it necessary to write you and ask if you would check out this situation. My husband is not the only one this has happened to. There were 10 guys at my husbands prison alone. We as the family need to know how to prepare for these full boards. Please Help us.



They F**ked us again

On July 16, 2007 the parole board issued a stop parole letter on Raven. What this means is they are not letting him out August 8. I have to appear before a full board hearing on Sept 12 to plead for something they already issued to him, a parole. Just tired friends, just tired.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

23 and a wake up!

I am sitting on my bed thinking about the week past. I have been in constant contact with the PO, and I am unable to still read him. One minute he is acting like a major ass, the next he is trying to tell me that he is Raven's biggest advocate. Can't figure out which one is true. So I have just decided to put my judgement on hold for a while and enjoy that my husband will be home in 23 and a wake up.

Trying to grasp that is amazing to me at the moment. I have never loved someone so completely. Never been loved so unconditionally. Yet we have never spent a free moment together. We only just started getting visits so we could spend some time behind bars together. Saturday the 14th is my husbands birthday and the 16th is mine. We will be spending all of Sunday together for the first time in a full visit. The almost perfect birthday present for both of us. Next Year will be perfect. 23 and a wake up.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Am I too Jealous?

About a month ago a woman from my husbands past wrote him. She stated that she has been looking for him for over twenty years. (Not to hard to find him considering he is on the drc website). Raven asked what I thought about him writing her. At the time I said I didn't have a problem with it, but in my opinion most woman from a man's past will eventually cause trouble.
She wrote and asked all kinds of questions about him and I. How we met? What we did? How did we get married? Shoveled some shit about wanting to be friends with me. (yea right)

Raven gave her my email and we emailed each other a couple of times. She sent her phone number and wanted Raven to call her. It is a cell number so its a moot issue anyway since cell phones can't accept collect calls from a prison. Raven said I should call her to see what she is like and to get to know her. I did.

Raven says she was trying to push my buttons. I say she was trying to cause trouble. One of the first things she said is that it was stupid to fall in love with an inmate. Then she tells me she had a crush on my husband who was fifteen at the time. (she was eighteen) The final straw was when she asked if she could visit. I told her I didn't care as long as I was there. She said "what I can't visit him by my self?" What reason would a woman have to visit a man alone, especially if he is someone else's husband. She also tells me how her and her husband never vacation together. Hello I got married to the man I love so we could spend time together not to spend time with another man. So by now I am definitely not feeling her.

When I told Raven what was said he said not to let it bother me and he didn't give a shit whether he ever contacted her again. We talked about it and decided that, The past should be just that THE PAST!

Ps. After the call she wrote to him and sent him her number. Said sorry I pissed off your wife, why don't you call me. HELL NO! Over it.