Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just another vent.

So today I am very sad. I MISS HIM, The papers never got here so his unit manager must not have sent them out. I lost my job. Why do people interview you and sound like you are the best only to send you a letter saying your over qualified. What the heck is over qualified shouldn't I be able to decide if I will work below my ability. I don't know what I am going to do if I don't find something quick.

The worse is that the pain of not seeing him seems to get worse everyday. We are so in love, why do we still have to pay the price for the way we met. It's been almost two years. I know we will make it but sometimes it's even hard to breath. I feel like if I can't see him soon I will die. I know that is crazy but I can't stop the feeling or the crying. I hate to let him hear me cry because he feels like he is not supporting me when I cry. Ok I am done whining for today. Thanks for reading this.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday

There were big plans for Super Bowl Sunday. I was supposed to go to C house for a party. K and I were do over there about 4pm. Yesterday C had a pretty bad tooth ache, so I called him today to see how he was feeling. He said his tooth was fine but that there was some kind of drama in his life. He is thinking of leaving the state and going home to LA the state not the city. I ask him if he is ok and he said yes, but he has cancelled the party for today and thinks he will just come over my house for the Super bowl. I like C, he is one of my very good friends, so even though I have an invite to a huge party at my brothers friends house I tell him to come on over and we can talk. He says he will come over about 4pm. We hang up. Now I call my brother and thank him for the invite but tell him I can't make it. I have plans.

I sit here now at 5pm all by myself thinking I really should have gone to the party at my brothers friends house. Lots of good food, fun people and oh by the way did I say beer. I just don't get my life right now. I do what ever I can to help my friends. Yet they tell me one thing and do another.
It's like that with my job interviews. They sound all happy like I am the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then when it comes to getting the job all of a sudden I am over qualified. What the hell is over qualified. If I need a job isn't any qualified a good thing.

I am just tired. Oh and Go Pittsburgh!