Sunday, October 30, 2005

A prison romance?

Chas and Billy
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We constantly hear horror stories of men behind bars who lead a woman on and tell her all she wants to hear, only to find out that he has other women that he writes to. Sometimes they keep the woman on the hook till they are able to get out. Then the real horror stories begin. This is the norm that we hear about, well intentioned friends constantly warn those of us waiting for our men that this to may be our fate.
Today I want to tell you about another side of the story. I want to tell you about a guy named Chas.
Chas has been in prison since he was 17 years old. Now I could go on about the injustice of sending a child to an adult prison, but that is for another blog. Chas has been in for 18 years and probably has at least 3-5 more to go. After that many years most friends and family have fallen by the wayside. I admit I am not sure but I do believe that this is the case with Chas. Since Chas and Billy are cell mates we occasionally do things to help Chas. Such as try and find an ex girlfriend of his. While I was unable to locate her, she eventually turned up all on her own and wrote to Chas. I heard that Chas was very happy to have someone in his corner. He is coming up for parole later this year and Stacy told him that she and I would help him put a parole package together for him. They were writing and talking quite often. I met her. Spoke with her a couple of times. No matter how many times I called to make arrangements to work on the parole package she was always busy. Little did any of us know but she was messing around with a former boyfriend of hers. All the while leading Chas to believe that there was a future for them together. Now after 18 years in prison, I can pretty much say that what she said made Chas happy. The idea that someone loved him and was going to help him get home probably raised the hopes of parole. You see in Ohio, the guys with no one have less chance of parole and less chance of being heard or cared for.
In any prison if things happen you need someone on the outside to fight for you. This was handed to Chas by a woman with no morals. I would think that when a woman promises to help, to love and to care for then cuts the man out to dry, is the same as a man who uses women. You see apparently Stacy needed someone to write the right things, say the right things to give her life self worth. In return she promised things she had no right to promise. She promised to send money, money which never showed up. This can be a big problem in prison. No one should have to count on funds that never arrive. she promised to do a parole package, this did two things, gave him hope and stopped anyone else who would have helped from doing so. Then while telling me that Chas was going to marry her and adopt her daughter, she moved in another guy. So a guy who is home and beats you is better then a guy who loves you, and is prison. Not by my standards. The truth is I am not sure why I even blogged this. Except that I like Chas, He seems like a nice guy who made mistakes in his life. Trying to better himself. Trying to find what all of us are looking for, or have found. Someone to call our own. Who will be there no matter what. Because of that Stacy pissed me off. I know that we woman are suppose to stick together. But I just can't ride with someone who makes me sorry to be the same gender as them. So for now I will just vent. Here is a picture of chas in case anyone feels the need to write to him. He could use some friends. By the way the one on the right is not available. That one is mine.