Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Something Good!

Raven has to get to a different prison. Has to take the class the parole board wants him to have, for him to come home in two years. The class is only available at three prisons in Ohio. All of which are level 2 prisons also known as medium. He is in a close or level 3 facility right now. We needed the board to review and lower his security so that he can get to a prison with the class. Most of our luck this year has been bad. Not yesterday. He went up in front of two women and one guy. Now have I said that my baby has a smile that would light up the night. The vote was two to one, on lowering his status. Any one care to guess which two voted for him and which one voted against? Yes ladies and gentlemen both women voted to lower his security. Go figure, could it be his smile, the fact he has been ticket free for a year, or the fact that his only ticket before that was an establishing ticket involving yours truely? I like to think it was a combination of all three and that maybe there is someone with a little heart at the ODRC. So now we wait till they decide to move him. Get him on the list for the class, and pray. Pray that they move him quick, pray that the waiting list isn't too long and pray that he get through the class to the satisfaction of all involved in the decision making process. I am not to sure about how he wil react to the class. But thats another blog in itself. For now life is all about a bright shiny new day, With the hope that all will go well and my love will be home in July of 2007.

Monday, August 15, 2005

someone said it better

I have said similar in other posts. This person is far more eloquent then I.

If a Prisoner........


If a prisoner is treated with hostility, he learns to fight.
If a prisoner is treated with ridicule, he responds with anger.
If a prisoner is disciplined by race, he learns prejudice.
If a prisoner is treated with disrespect, he responds with rudeness.
If a prisoner is stripped of his dignity, he learns to humiliate others.
If a prisoner is not given medical care, he becomes hateful.
If a prisoner is merely warehoused, he is not rehabilitated.
If a prisoner is denied programs, he remains at risk.
This prisoner will return to prison over and over again.

If a prisoner is treated with fairness, he learns justice.
If a prisoner lives with approval, he begins to like himself.
If a prisoner is given encouragement, he becomes confident.
If a prisoner is given security, he learns to have faith.
If a prisoner is educated, he gains valuable skills.
If a prisoner is rehabilitated, he can be productive.
If a prisoner receives medical care, he will be healthy.
If a prisoner is taught skills, he can work.
This prisoner can be a productive citizen when he is released.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Overtime, overtime and more overtime

I have been working mad overtime at my job. 8 am to 11 pm. Not on the phone dealing with sheep, thank God. The sheep still reach out an touch me though. Now through mail and fax. I get hundreds and hundreds of letters from the sheep. I didn't authorize this and I want my money back. the only problem is these people who aren't to bright on the phone are even dumber in writing. They block out their names, account number and any other information that would allow us to find them and issue a credit. Go figure. Maybe it's because I am so tired, or because I am going through Raven withdrawls. could be because I have only gotten to speak to D once this week. I am not sure, but sheep are still sheep.