Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Something good NOT!

So I realized that since I haven't blogged in a while that the last impression was that Billy was getting lowered in security and moved to a prison were he can take the infamous class. Well thanks to LaECI the answer to the question of wether or not Columbus would approve his security drop is no. In fact he is one point from being a max inmate. Can I just say that is insane. He had enough points to be a minimum inmate before all this started. They raised him more points then if he would have attacked some one who worked at the prison. Now his case manager is telling him that the class is going to be at RCI. In the mean time almost 6 months have already passed since the parole board gave him 26 months. So yes folks time is passing not fast enough yet almost to fast. What happens if the time passes and the class is not completed? I hate to think of him having one month to go on the class and getting flopped for couple of years. Oh hell no. So we continue to check out what avenues are available to us. Hope and pray to get visits (another post for another time) and the class so Raven can come home to me in July of 2007. So we are still waiting for something good to happen.

Missing my man, missing my blog

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So due to financial difficulties my dsl has been shut off. The fact that work actually has the nerve to expect me to work has curtailed my ability to blog there as well. I finally broke down out of sheer desperation and went to the public library to use their internet. Can I just tell you that except for the occasional annoying person who tries to read over your shoulder that I really like the library.

Now I want to just say how much I enjoy the picture posted on this blog. Most pictures of my man are the bad ass type with no smile. I fell in love with his smile the first time I saw it, and continue to love him more now that I have this picture. Visits are still out of the question so I have to count on pictures to remind me how handsome he is. I suppose it would go with out saying that I miss him.
Surprisingly enough I have also missed posting on my blog. We are too busy at work and with no connection at home it becomes hard. The funny thing about writing in my blog is that it was easier to do when I was doing it everyday. I felt more intelligent and wittier. I think my earlier posts were more interesting to read with less spelling errors.
see what happens when you stop. Ok I just ran spell check and nothing was spelled wrong go figure. So my promise to anyone still reading this blog and to my self is that I will continue to blog on a regular basis. Maybe not daily, but regularly.