Sunday, July 12, 2009


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So on July 8, 2009 a friend introduced me to a slew of puppies. They are Chihuahua, and what ever jumped over the fence. Well being that I was still upset with Lupina's passing I wasn't to interested in the puppies. There was however a puppy who was very interested in me. He followed me every where and never left my side. So when I was leaving my friend put the pup in the passenger side of my jeep. Ran into the house and locked the door.

So a new relationship starts. He is very funny and seems to learn quickly. That is a good thing since Lupina was as well behaved as most therapy dogs.

So I have now gone from a 38 pound very shaggy 8 year old dog.
To a smooth coat, 2 1/2 pound dog who just pushes 12 weeks.

It's a learning experience for both of us.

That being said. Welcome to the family Renegade.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Lupina & I

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Lupina spent the night in the doggy Hospital. This morning at work I received a call. The Dr. said that Lupina was whimpering. She suggested that I put Lupina down. I took the rest of the day off work and drove to the vets. They brought her in and she barely was able to wag her tail. How a dog goes from romping with her cat on Wednesday to barely moving on Thursday to not being able to move at all on Friday is beyond me. She was not an old dog. I stayed with her for about an hour till I told the Dr. it was time. I held her as she left this world for the rainbow bridge. She was a wonderful dog. Smart loving with the sweetest disposition. I loved her so very much. She will be greatly missed by both me, my husband and her cat, Cochise.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


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So as most people know in my life once something good happens. It is usually followed by something horrible. I've written quite often about my baby girl, Lupina. On Wednesday of this week she was chasing her cat Coshise, on Wednesday night she jumped off my bed and yelped. Thursday she seemed a little off.

I took her to the vet on Friday. They said she either had a dog Stroke or a slipped disc.

She has been on medicine since Friday and no improvement.
In fact she is worse. I hate that she looks scared and that she is in pain.

Taking her to the vet tomorrow. Please say your prayers for her.