Friday, August 11, 2006

Could today be the day.

Could today be the day we hear?
Hear that finally after two years we will once again be together.

Could today be the day we hear?
That someone in that madness that is ODRC has a heart and gives the word.

Could today be the day?
That the longing and the missing lessons.

Could today be the day?
We will see.

My Heaven

I look deep in your eyes.
to see there what I feel inside
We share something between us,
Neither one of us can hide.

I feel your lips touch mine,
and I lose all my control,
all it took was a look and a kiss,
To know you were part of my soul.

I see your hands on my skin,
I want and need you to do more,
The passionate look you give me,
tells heaven is in store.

I feel your need against my thigh,
I know you will fulfill ever wish,
We were made to fit together,
and all it took was a look and a kiss.

I look deep in your eyes,
and I see heaven there inside,
you make me feel so beautiful
what I feel for you I cannot hide.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Having been stuck on stupid.

I haven't written my blog for a while. My life hasn't gotten any less hectic in fact, Raven got moved to another prison about three weeks ago. The food is better as is the medical care. He on the other hand is bored stiff. The phone calls are substantially more expensive. We are on a phone diet of one call per week. There is a case-manager who is attempting to help us get visits, AGAIN. Not getting my hopes up but still keeping our fingers crossed. Raven comes up for security review on August 23. The case-manager has already told him that he will be dropped, then he will be moved to a lower security prison. We have already been in contact with Columbus to request that he be moved to a prison he can get the class that the parole board wants him to have. If this happens on schedule he will be finished with the class when he sees the board again in January of 2007. Some of you may remember that the lady told him if he stayed out of trouble and took the class she would give him 60 days and out. That would put Raven home in March 2007.

As for my life, they are raising my rent and I was planning on moving. In fact I was crying to Raven and asked him if he would mind coming home to a one bedroom apartment or a trailer. He said "I would live in a cardboard box under a bridge as long as I can be with you" So I did what any red blooded woman does I cried harder. He just makes my life that much better. Anyway after looking at smaller apartments that would cost me more then I pay now. I decided to put out for a new roommate and just charge them more. If it works out then I will be paying less to stay in the apartment I love. I have at least 5 good leads. So I am hopeful. My job is going well. I don't get paid as much as I expected or is the insurance as good as I thought it would be. I have to stay put till Raven comes up as they are looking for stability in the person he will parole to.
So thats the update on Raven and I. Not as entertaining as some of my posts but thats that.