Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Best News

We had a visit today. The perfect visit second only to the day we got married. We talked and cleared the air about everything. We came to the conclusion that after they took our parole date away from us we stopped communicating the way we should. We were so concerned with each others feelings that we started keeping things from each other. Not to hide anything just to protect. I wasn't forthcoming with feelings and issues at home. While he neglected to tell me things going on in prison. Today all issues were aired out and handled. No anger, no defensiveness, just honesty and love. We were back to making plans for today and the future. We ended the discussion with a promise to never keep things from each other again. Then we laughed and teased more then we had in over a year. The parole board screwed us but we almost let them cause more issues. That has stopped. It has already been a year. One more to go. We ended the visit with a kiss that took my breath away and had Raven telling me I couldn't walk away Yet.

I just want to say to our friends thank you for leaving comments and supporting us. We love you all.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Good news, Good news and the Smart Ass

The good news, I was nominated for one of the biggest awards in my company. If I win it comes with some cold hard cash, Yipee so say your prayers for me, friends.

The good news II, Raven is out of the hole and doing well. He isn't pulling a ticket and it won't be in his file.

The Smart Ass, The reason he was in the hole is because my husband is one of the most sarcastic individuals I know. Usually only to people he doesn't respect. Well this c/o has no ones respect. Im still not happy with him and we are going to have a very long talk on Saturday when we visit.

Just thought I would update everyone.

Thanks and Peace

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Good news, The Bad news

Did you ever wonder how come when something good happens it is always followed by something bad?

The Good

Even though it's not been announced I found out that I got the job I applied for within my company. Not only that they gave me the best desk on the floor. Surrounded by windows and not around allot of other people. My supervisor was off Friday and is off Monday as well the company as whole does not know I got the job. Protocol dictates that my boss be informed first. The reason my new boss told me is that she knew I was visiting my husband and wanted to be able to tell him in person. To finally be able to see his face when we get some good news. Now

The Bad

While working OT on Saturday the call that all prison wives hate came. This is a call from (insert your mans best friend name here). Immediately you know, your man is in the hole. Yes ladies and gentlemen my man after 5 years of being hole shot free is in Segregation. Now comes the fun part. No visit tomorrow because he hasn't been to the rules infraction board. No full answer as to why the c/o felt it necessary to put him in the hole. The main worry is it serious enough to impact his parole hearing in 2009. What I would like to know is why is the good always followed by the bad?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To move or not to move

There is an opening at work. Not a promotion only a lateral move. The issue is that alot of the promotion comes from within this unit. So the question is do I want to stay where I am with the people I enjoy working with. A Boss who goes to the wall for you when things are tuff. Or do I want to change to a unit were I would not be on the phone all the time just 4 hours out of the day. The boss is great. The people in the new unit are cool. I have worked with them when I work over time They are professional and personable. Very helpful and I have been aproached by a couple of them to apply for the flex team. So that is were I am deciding do I stay where I am comfortable or do I make a move with possible advancement? Any suggestions?